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Integration with India

With the end of Operation Polo, Hyderabad’s political integration into India began. This led to the establishment of a new bureaucratic elite, the appointment of a new government, the first ever elections, and, later, the division of the state into three parts based on linguistic lines, and the subsequent merger of these parts with neighbouring states.

With this also began Hyderabad’s social liberation from oppressive feudalism. Its liberation from an oppressive feudal system brought relief to its residents, and a modern, egalitarian, constitutional democracy became its governing system.

Major General Jayanto Nath Chaudhuri, who was appointed military governor, had a series of meetings in Delhi to take up necessary administrative measures to maintain law and order and establish peace in the state facilitating necessary political integration with Independent India.

This is a great achievement of lakhs of socio-political activists and leaders who sacrificed their lives fighting the autocratic Nizam and the Razakar marauders. The people of erstwhile Hyderabad state are immensely indebted to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel for his able leadership and for his timely decision to liberate Hyderabad and merge the region into the Union of India.

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