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As the situation got out of control and it was clear that no other alternative remained open, the Government of India took the decision to send Indian Army to Hyderabad. The decision was finalized on 9th September 1948, and was communicated to the Southern Command, who ordered that the Indian forces should march into Hyderabad in the early hours of Monday the 13th.

The Indian forces were commanded by Major-General Jayanto Nath Choudhuri under the direction of Lt-General Maharaj Shri Rajendrasinhji, who was then the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, of Southern Command. This action was given the name ‘Operation Polo' by the Army Headquarters.

Facing with the inevitable, a desperate Nizam tried to mobilise international support; but to his frustration no country was ready to help him. Having failed to garner any external support, Nizam prepared to face the Indian intervention. Around two lakh Razakars, 42000 State Police personnel and many Pathan irregulars were lined up to confront the Indian Army. Nizam also made an emotional appeal to all Muslim residents to save Hyderabad.

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