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Breakdown of Negotiations

Following Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, and Sardar Patel’s subsequent heart attack, the Nizam and his courtiers became more audacious. A threat was made that if Hyderabad was forced into a merger, the Muslims of the State would create unrest in the whole of the southern region and soon the 45 million Muslims of the rest of the India would also rise up with them. Qasim Razvi, and his militia of Razakars spread terror not just within Hyderabad, but also in the surrounding areas.

On 27th October 1947 a high-level delegation from Hyderabad heading for Delhi was taken hostage by the Razakars. On the same day, Qasim Razvi organized a protest outside Nizam’s Palace. Then, much to the chagrin of Sardar Patel, Qasim Razvi led a delegation to Delhi. Irked by this insolence the Sardar wanted to send them back by the same plane. When the next delegation, led by Laiq Ali, came to see him they were categorically told by Sardar:

“The Hyderabad problem will have to be settled as has been done in the case of other States. No other way is possible. We cannot agree to the continuance of an isolated spot which will destroy the very Union we have built with our blood and toil. At the same time, we do wish to …seek a friendly solution. That does not mean that we shall ever agree to Hyderabad’s independence.”

With Mountbatten’s departure, C. Rajagopalachari became India’s Governor-General. Seeing this as a new opportunity, the Razakars extended themselves beyond the borders of Hyderabad State to Bombay and Madras Presidency to terrorize the Hindu population. It was also threatened that Saudi Arabia’s air force would bomb the major cities of India. In early September, the Govt of India received complaints that some foreign missionaries had been assaulted and some nuns were molested by the Razakars. Qasim Razvi also declared that Hyderabad being a Muslim state, all Hindus must embrace Islam or face death.

On 10th January 1948, the Chief Minister of Madras Presidency, Shri Omanduru Ramaswamy Reddy wrote a letter to Home Minister Sardar Patel complaining about frequent Razakar raids in border villages and requested for an army action.

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