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Negotiation & Standstill Agreement

Despite these outrageous demands, Sardar Patel patiently continued his negotiations with the Nizam. Amidst ongoing talks between Delhi and Hyderabad, it became obvious that unlike the other Princely States, the Nizam had no intention of signing the Instrument of Accession. Not wishing to be hasty or harsh, Sardar Patel agreed to the signing of a Standstill Agreement, in the expectation that the Instrument of Accession would be signed in due course. Sardar Patel believed that ‘sometimes in politics one has to agree not to the best but to the second-best’. K.M. Munshi was sent to Hyderabad as India’s Agent-General, only to find that the Nizam viewed his presence with great hostility, even denying him a suitable residence.

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